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Law Enforcement Today | August 27, 2016

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“One Last Hug”

August 1, 2016 |

“I’m leaving now,” their mother said,

Her young children came running up,

One of them carrying a ball and bat

The smaller child a sippy cup.

Her husband, leaning against the wall

Watched them hug the love of his life,

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“In Case You Didn’t Know”

July 31, 2016 |

They’re present at every briefing

Each morning, afternoon, or night

They’re present during your downtime

Or when you have to fight.

They’re present in the break room

In the office they’re always there,

They’re present while you walk your beat

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In Memoriam: Officer Jonathan DeGuzman

July 30, 2016 |

Chief Shelley Zimmerman, of the San Diego City Police Department in California sadly reports the death of Officer Jonathan DeGuzman.

Officer DeGuzman, 43, and his partner, Officer Wade Irwin, 32, members of the gang suppression unit, were conducting a traffic … Read More

Walk a Mile in my Boots

July 27, 2016 |

I ask of you to walk a mile in my boots, not because I don’t think you can but because I want to be understood.

I ask you to understand the feeling of my boots. Feeling the weight and hardness.

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“I’d Do My Best”

July 26, 2016 |

Not nearly as brave nor physically strong My experience completely lacks, But police officers here, are on my watch I’ll do what I can to protect their backs. They’ve watched mine, for all my life Every time I’m out and … Read More

In Memoriam: Sergeant Greg Hutchinson

July 25, 2016 |

Sheriff Greg Hamilton of the Travis County Sheriff Department in Texas sadly reports the death of Sergeant Craig Hutchinson.

Sergeant Hutchinson, was shot while confronting burglars in his back yard about 1:30 am just after he ended his afternoon work … Read More

“River Of Tears”

July 25, 2016 |

A child, fighting tears walked forward Closer, to his father who lay at rest, Placing his hands atop the flag draped coffin A last goodbye, before he joined the rest. A police officer, cut down for no reason We try … Read More

“Intervention Prayer”

July 23, 2016 |

Yet once again I sorrowfully pause

In silent prayer request,

God intervene and stop this madness

As they’ve laid more heroes to rest.

They’ve sacrificed, “Everything”

Trying to protect their fellow man,

No one here on earth can fix it

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Do Not Let the Devil Dance on Your Grave

July 20, 2016 |


For those who have boxed, wrestled, sparred, or competed in MMA, you know there is a point in the competition when one person has the advantage over the other. The tap out or KO seems imminent. But the “warrior … Read More

In Memoriam: Corrections Officer Kristopher Moules

July 20, 2016 |

Warden James J. Larson of the Luzerne County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania sadly reports the death of Corrections Officer Kristopher Moules.

Officer Moules, 25, was attacked by another inmate inside the facility on the fifth floor. The altercation started as … Read More